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Theorie und Anwendung von ähnlichkeitsentdeckenden Techniken



Theory and applications of similarity detection techniques

The research project provides a comparative study of similarity detection techniques, possible enhancements and their applications in various public and corporate environments. The primary objective of this project is to help improve conventional information management and retrieval tools by adding practical elements of semantic and distributed processing. The first part of the project is a study conducted to evaluate similarity detection approaches in various information retrieval systems. The work suggests a commonly accessible platform for conceptual similarity detection services. The following parts of the project work cover the application of described approach. It covers the use of enhanced similarity detection approaches in plagiarism detection and IPR area. The results are presented in form of a successful implementation of collaborative plagiarism detection and prevention network.

The project will also show successful integration of such services to aid personalized content delivery. It illustrates the use of similarity detection in semantic media adaptation and user interest profiling. In addition, the project covers application of similarity detection in document clustering and objects de-duplication for large heterogeneous corporate data collections.